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Below is a selection of the control panels and switchboards we can offer. If you cannot see what you are looking for, we can design and build to your exact requirement.

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Automatic Transfer (ATS)

ATS panel to switch between mains and generator or two mains supplies.

Change over can be achieved using contactors, a motorised switch or interlocked circuit breakers.

Maintenance Bypass Switch

Single and dual bypass switches to isolate an ATS for maintenance.

Switching can be arranged as either open transition (break before make) or closed transition (make before break).

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)

An AMF has the same function as an ATS panel, but with built in engine controls / protection, engine battery charger etc.

This panel may also include the generator circuit breaker.

Multi-Set Synchronising and Load Sharing

Free-standing synchronising and load sharing switchboard.

Engine protection and synchronising controls can be incorporated into the switchboard or supplied as a separate panel for mounting at each generator.

Distribution and output (feeder) ACB's / MCCB's can be incorporated as needed.

The switchboard can also include extras such as an overview HMI / PLC, inlet / outlet louvres, climate control or a fire alarm and suppression system.

Mains Paralleling

Why parallel a generator with the mains supply?
  • No break return (back sync) to mains after a mains failure and to transfer from mains to generator (without a break).
  • Peak lopping (shaving) where a generator is used to 'top up' the supply when the mains supply is insufficient to meet the power requirement of a site.
  • Export power to the grid under a scheme such as STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve).
We can design and manufacture controls and switchgear for all these scenarios.

Load Bank Connection Point

Many options of enclosure are available including mild steel, stainless steel or GRP.

Wall mounted or free-standing depending on current rating.

Connection direct to copper bars or via panel source (Litton / Powerlock style) connectors.

Load Bank Circuit Breaker

Wall mounted MCCB or free-standing ACB panel with shunt trip or under voltage release / trip to automatically open the breaker in the event of a mains failure.

The load bank can either be connected directly into this panel or cabled to an external connection point.

G99 / G100 Protection

Wall mounted G99 protection and G100 export limitation panels.

Required when paralleling with the mains supply.

Can be incorporated into the mains paralleling panel.

Containerised Generator Switchboard

Generator switchboard designed to be mounted in the rear end of the generator container.

Many options available such as an integrated load bank MCCB to automatically switch in a static load bank to prevent light loading.

Form 4 Type 6 and certified to BS/EN-61439.

Temporary Generator Connection Point

Many options of enclosure are available including mild steel, stainless steel or GRP.

Wall mounted or free-standing depending on current rating.

Connection direct to copper bars or via panel drain (Litton / Powerlock style) connectors.

Free Standing ACB

Fixed pattern or withdrawable (draw out) free-standing air circuit breaker (ACB).
Available as 3 pole or 4 pole and either manual or motorised operation.

Extended copper bars facilitate cable connections through aluminium gland plates in the top, base, rear or side as required.

Wall Mounted MCCB

3 pole or 4 pole moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) with rotary, pad-lockable, door interlocked handle.

If your cables are too big for the MCCB frame and the standard extended terminals, we can waterjet cut some custom spreader terminals.

Manual Change Over Switch

A manual change over switch is a lower cost alternative to an ATS.

Typically used to switch between mains and generator where the generator is started manually.

Can also be used to switch one input supply to two outputs.

Dual Mutual

Generator / Generator ATS with option of automatically balancing engine running hours.

Can be used to upgrade existing Mains / Generator ATS to N+1 resilience or can be used if you have two generators as sole source of power.

Remote Start Generator Controls

Wall mounted control panel accepting a 2 wire close to start signal from an ATS panel.

Additional options can be included such as a battery charger, engine heater controls and alternator (anti-condensation) heater controls.

Can also be used as a manual start.

Dual Mutual Standby

Mains / Generator ATS with combined Generator / Generator ATS for N+1 resilience with option of automatically balancing engine running hours.

Bespoke Layouts

If you are replacing an old panel and need a specific panel size and cable entries then we can design and build to suit your requirement.

Battery Charger

Wall mounted battery charger.

12 or 24 VDC, charge outputs ranging from 3A to 30A with analogue or digital meters.

Auto Start Generator Controls

Wall mounted auto start generator control panel with mains monitoring and control of remote change-over switchgear.

Depending on the model of auto start controller and type of remote switchgear, change-over can be arranged for either open or closed transition (mains paralleling).

Additional options can be included such as a battery charger, engine heater controls and alternator (anti-condensation) heater controls.

Custom Bus Bar Assembly

We can design and manufacture bus bar assemblies to your requirement.

Whether you have an existing connection box and need replacement bars to accommodate a new cable arrangement or need an assembly to replace some redundant switchgear, we can help.

Alternator Mounted MCCB

Manual or motorised MCCB panels designed to be mounted on the alternator terminal box.

Supplied with power cables to the alternator terminals. Current transformers supplied loose to install over power cables.

Fuel Transfer and Polishing

From a simple relay based single phase duplex pump control panel to a PLC controlled fuel polishing and transfer panel with dump valve control and balance line control between tanks, we can design and build to your requirement.

Control Implant

Replace old control equipment whilst retaining existing switchgear and enclosures.

We can manufacture new back plates and doors to required size and specification.

Alternator Mounted Controls

Overmounting control panel supplied with anti-vibration mounts to mount the panel on the alternator lid.

Control module can be simple remote / auto start for stand alone use or combined with a motorised CB box for automatic synchronising.

Switchgear Implant

Retain the existing enclosure and replace the old switchgear inside, saving time on site mounting a new panel, glanding cables etc.

We can manufacture a new back plate and door if required or supply a facia plate (door overlay), optionally with your company name and logo engraved on it.

Indication Panel

DC indication panel to display mains / generator status.

Number of indicators and engraving can be customised as required.

Mimic Panel

Engraved mimic panel with LED indication.
To reduce cabling around site we can offer solutions using distributed I/O over RS485, CANbus or Ethernet.

Motor Starter

Depending on motor size and application we offer a full range of Direct on Line (DOL), Reverse DOL, Star-Delta and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) motor control panels.


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